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Hiking Holidays in Wagrain

Step by step to your mountain experience in the state of Salzburg

The region around Wagrain and the entire state of Salzburg in Austria offers a unique hiking paradise. Families, as well as ambitious mountaineers, get their money’s worth here since there is plenty to do:


  • Walking paths suitable for pushchairs
  • Cosy hikes and adventure trails for the whole family
  • Summit tours lasting several days for ambitious hikers
  • Demanding mountain tours for experienced mountaineers
  • Challenging via ferrata for all those looking for adventure
  • Hikes that you can start directly from the hotel
  • Weekly guided hikes
  • Reduced bus rates for hikers with your guest card
  • Great tips for hiking tours in and around Wagrain


The 4-star family hotel Wagrainerhof has been awarded the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal and is one of the Austrian Wanderhotels.


Book your hiking holiday or summer holiday today at the family hotel & hiking hotel Wagrainerhof in the Salzburger Land or send us your non-binding holiday enquiry.

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Hiking Paradise Wagrain – Kleinarl

… and leave the daily routine far below in the valley

  • Member region of “Austria’s Hiking Villages”
  • Perfectly marked hiking routes to lakes, mountain huts and alpine peaks
  • Tours for all tastes: mountain expeditions, family hikes, pram-friendly footpaths
  • Salzburger Almenweg is a tour leading through the region’s high pastures – to numerous huts which serve refreshments and often offer overnight accommodations
  • World of nature- & mountain adventures for children, Wagraini’s Grafenberg is next to the upper terminal of the Grafenbergbahn lift
  • Ride the lifts up into the mountains: summer lift service on the Grafenbergbahn, the Flying Mozart as well as the G-LINK – one- and multi-day tickets available
  • Guided hikes & mountain tours

Wagrain Hiking Bus

When you arrive at 4-star Hotel Wagrainerhof, you will receive your personal Guest Card, which is valid for the entire length of your stay. You can use the card to ride the hiking bus to Kleinarl, Radstadt, Altenmarkt and Reitdorf for just € 1,–. A comfortable, stress-free way to travel to the starting point of your hike and back again. The stop for the bus is located only some 150 m from our hotel.


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Guided hiking tours

Savor and discover the beautiful mountain range of Wagrain & Kleinarl with our proved hiking guides. We provide 2x a guided tour per week. The hiking tours are adapted for all our guests. It’s possible for everyone to join our tours, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced hiker.

After a great hiking day, you can enjoy our wellness area or get culinary spoiled in our restaurant.


For all that are interested in other summer activities, you will find a big verity of offers in our family hotel Wagrainerhof:


  • challenging mountain bike routes
  • exciting destinations to go
  • our waterworld in Wagrain for every age
  • go golfing at the golf course “Open Golf St. Johann/Alpendorf” – play without handicap

Wagraini’s Grafenberg for the Whole Family

Colorful hours filled with fun and games await you on Wagraini’s Grafenberg. Enjoy a comfortable ride on the Grafenbergbahn lift up to this world of nature- & mountain adventures at 1700 m above sea level. The 30 adventure stations invite you to play and try out all kinds of new things: low-ropes course, marmot-watching station, swing forest, petting zooGrafenbergsee and more. Most of the footpaths, hiking and theme trails are also pram-friendly. This mountain world filled with animals and plants is certain to fascinate your children!

At home in the mountains.

Wagrainerhof Hiking Tips

Popular hiking tours in and around Wagrain

Salzburger Land and the town of Wagrain offer you impressive hiking opportunities with a full range of difficulty. We have compiled a selection of these just for you. Also feel free to stop by the reception, where we will happily suggest other tours which are ideal for you.

Öbristköpfl (Nos. 55 & 453) · 1 ½ hours
By car up the Öbrist supply road (on the main road towards Flachau, turn off after about 2 km) to the Oberegg country inn. From there along path No. 453 (Hochgründeckweg) to the Lackenkapelle chapel, where you make a left on path No. 55, then circle the Öbristköpfl and return to the start, or reverse, from Oberegg inn to the Öbristbauer farm, along path No. 55 to the Lackenkapelle, then right in the direction of Wagrain, and along path No. 453 back to the Oberegg. Hike up to the Öbristköpfl, turning off at the Öbristbauer, 45 minutes.

Kleinarl (No. 1) · 2 hours
The hiking path to Kleinarl begins at the lower lift station of the Grafenbergbahnen (gondola lift) and leads along the banks of the Kleinarler Ache through the Kleinarltal valley bottom to Kleinarl.

Schwaighof Hiking Path (No. 2) · 1 hour
Begins next to the Grafenwirt, leading alongside the Payerbach and Schwaighofbach to the village of Schwaighof (Gasthof Schwaighofwirt).

Grub Inn (No. 51) · 1 hour

From Café Bosek to the Grubstraße (Hotel Enzian), turn off onto the Sonnseite supply lane, climbing gently up to the Vordertiefenbach Farm, at the next two turn-offs (Tiefenbachgraben) keep left, making your way into Ginautal Valley until you reach the Grub inn. Path No. 51 continues all the way to the upper Ginautal and the Oberlehengut (an additional 45 min)

Lärchenwaldweg (No. 61) · 1 hour

Hike up the Weberlandl supply lane, after the second hairpin bend make a left at the second road, now hiking up trail No. 61 to the Weberlandl holiday village, to the Daarbauer Farm and the Edelweissalm. Return down the Weberlandl supply lane.

Bauernstüberl via the Kleinarl hiking path (No. 1) · 1 hour

From the Grafenbergbahn along the banks of the Kleinarler Ache to the Seifriedbrücke bridge, then turn off towards the Bauernstüberl.

Fürbach-Rundweg (Nos. 1 & 5) · 1 ½ hours

From the Grafenbergbahn along the Kleinarl hiking path (No. 1) to the small village of Unterspannberg, and via Fürbachweg (No. 5) to Kirchboden and return to Wagrain, or reverse.

Schloss Höch (No. 2 or 2a) · 1 hour from Schwaighof village

Through the village of Schwaighof, then via the foot- & bike path on the side of the main road to Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt), past the Unter- and Oberschütt and Gasteg farms to Schloss Höch. Hiking path No. 2a leads alongside the Niederberg to Unterschüttbauer Farm.

Schwaighof – Moadörfl – Unterschüttbauer Tour (Nos. 2 & 2a) · 1 hour

From the village of Schwaighof along the main road to the Niederbergweg (No. 2a). The first stage is a forestry road leading to the valley station of the Rote Achter gondola lift, while the second stage is a path across fields to the Unterschüttbauer Farm. Return via the bike path to Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt) and Schwaighof village (Gasthof Schwaighofwirt).

Schickenreitbauer (No. 53) · 1 ½ hours

Along the Grubstraße – Sonnseite supply lane to the Vordertiefenbach farm. At the next two crossings along the supply lane, in the Tiefenbachgraben, continue first left, then right, as far as the Schickenreitbauer farm. Option to return on path No. 54.

Alter Öbristweg (No. 54) · 1 ½ hours

Hike up along the Hof supply lane as far as the bridge over the Tiefenbachgraben. There, branch off on an old pathway (No. 54), continuing via the Röcksbergbauer to the Öbristbauer farm. Several choices possible for the return hike.

Lackenkapelle (No. 56) · 3 hours

Along the hiking path in the direction of Schwaighof until the path meets up with the Halsnergraben, where you will branch left and continue alongside the stream as far as the Viehhofbrücke bridge, cross the main road and continue on the Öbristweg (supply lane) for 200 m. Branch off to the right towards Pension Tannenhof, then hike up path No. 56 to the Bergweg supply lane; continue along this lane to the Unterbergbauer farm. At the intersection, continue left (No. 56) as far as the Arzberghof. There, make a left and follow the trail leading up to Lackenkapelle chapel.

Schwaighof – Moadörfl (No. 58) · 1 ½ hours

From the village of Schwaighof to the Schwaighofgraben, branch right (No. 58), hike up the Oberseitenweg, at the second hairpin turn make a right, then hike down the trail leading to Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt).

Schüttbachweg (No. 59) · 1 ½ hours

Hike up from Moadörfl along the Zollweg supply lane to the Oberkendlbauer farm, then make a right and continue along the flat supply lane. After the Schüttbach farmstead, drop down the trails leading to the Unterschüttbauer, and take hiking path No. 2 back to Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt).

Moadörfl – Edelweissalm (No. 60) · 1 ½ hours

From Moadörfl to the valley station of the Rote Achter gondola lift, then along the forestry road (No. 60) to the Edelweissalm.

Wagrain – Moadörfl – Edelweissalm (Nos. 2, 2a, 60 & 61) · 4 hours

From Wagrain via Schwaighof village (No. 2), 100 m before the main road make a right on the Niederbergweg (No. 2a) leading to Moadörfl. From the valley station of the Rote Achter gondola, take path No. 60 to the Edelweissalm and then the Lärchenwaldweg (No. 61) back to Wagrain.

Edelweissalm – Nazbauer (No. 62) · 1 hour

From the Edelweissalm along a forestry road to the Nazbauer farm (Hotel Berghof).

Jandlalm (No. 63) · 2 hours

From the Edelweissalm, via trail No. 63 to the Griessenkaralmen (Jandlalm). Hike down via paths No. 64 and 714 to the Nazbauer, then follow the forestry road (No. 62) back to the starting point.

Jandlalm – “Blauer Steig” (No. 64) · 2 hours

Take the gondola lift or your car to the Nazbauer (Hotel Berghof). From the Nazbauer, hike up via Alpine Assoc. path No. 714 for about 30 minutes, then branch left, taking trail No. 64 to the Jandlalm (Griessenkaralmen).

Vierteckweg (No. 66) · 2 hours

From Kirchboden along the Wolfensberg supply lane to a crossroads, then right and, partially on the supply lane, partially on an old pathway (No. 66) up to the Ober-Vierteckbauer. From here on trail No. 66 as far as the Baierwaldstrasse (No. 71).

Kaserlehenweg (No. 69) · 2 hours

After the supply-road crossing, left via the Grafenbergweg to Strahlehenbauer farm, then hike up along path No. 69 crossing a cow pasture. A tractor path now leads to the Kaserlehen, then take the trail bringing you to a forestry road, which you follow to Berggasthof Höllenstein. Several options for the hike back down, including the Handleggweg (No. 68) or via the Unterhöllenstein inn (713).

Schüttalmweg (No. 67) · 3 hours
From Wagrain along the Kleinarl hiking path (No. 1) to the Bauernstüberl. Start of an old country path next to the Kleinarler Strasse. Hike up through cow pastures and forest to the forestry road (No. 71), continue on this to the right, then make a left on a country lane (No. 67) bringing you to Gasthof Schüttalm.

Kitzsteinalm via Sauwaldstraße (Nr. 72) · 4 hours

By car to the starting point on the Kleinarler Straße. The Sauwaldstraße (No. 72) branches off the Kleinarler Landesstraße at Feuersangbauer farm to the right (closed to general traffic from the Lehenbauer). Hike up the Sauwaldstraße to the Kitzsteinalm. Now take the path down to the Kleinarler Hütte (No. 5) and Kleinarl, then along the valley path back to your car (No. 1).

Kitzsteinalm, path No. 1 and 72 · 5 – 6 hours

From Wagrain on the Kleinarl hiking path (No. 1) to Lehenbauer farm. Along the Sauwaldstraße, No. 72, and a country lane climbing to the Kitzsteinalm.

Moadörfl forestry road – Edelweissalm – Nazbauer – to Kleinarl, No. 60, 62, 71 · 6 hours

From Moadörfl to the valley station of the Rote Achter gondola lift, then hike up the forestry road (No. 60) to the Edelweissalm, continuing on a forestry road (No. 62) to the Nazbauer (Hotel Berghof), then through Schlögl- and Baierwald forests (No. 71) to Kleinarl.

Lackenkapelle – Schwaighofdörfl, No. 56 and 57 · 5 hours

Hike up path No. 453 (Hinterleitenstraße – Holleregg or Öbrist supply lane) towards Lackenkapelle chapel, 200 m before the Lackenkapelle make a right, No. 56. Trail through forest and alpine pastures to the Arzkendl and Arzberghof. From there, hike down the supply lane to the Unterbergbauer farm, then left (No. 57) climbing gently again to the Aubauer farm and the Untersteffenbauer at the end of the supply lane. From the Untersteffenbauer farm, take the trail across meadows down to the village of Schwaighof.

Hiking Tour: Ginau – Lackenkapelle – Wagrain, No. 51 · 4 ½ hours

Via path No. 51 (refer to half-day hikes) to the Grub inn, making your way to the Ginautal valley head. From Oberlehenbauer farm across cow pastures on a trail leading to the Lackenkapelle, then on path No. 453 or 55, and then No. 54 or 53 dropping down to Wagrain.

Griessenkareck, 1,991 m, No. 714 · 4 hours

From Kirchboden via the Wolfensbergweg (Wolfensberg farm), to Hotel Berghof (Nazbauer), via trail No. 714 to the Wagrainer Haus and the summit. Bettlersteig (No. 714a), 2 ½-hour hike down to the Wagrainer Haus. Hike up the ridgeline (trail No. 714), branch right, “Bettlersteig” (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf and Ahornkarsattel, left on trail No. 714 to the top of the Saukarkopf, continuing to the Saukarfunktel (2,028 m) and then back to the start.

Sonntagskogel, 1,849 m, No. 713 · 4 hours

From Wagrain hike up trail No. 713, via Berggasthof Höllenstein and Hachaualm to the top of the Sonntagskogel.

Hochgründeck, 1,827 m, No. 453 · 3 hours

By car via the Öbristweg to the last bend (parking), then right to Lackenkapelle chapel, the Lackenalm, along a mountain trail and a last section on forestry road to the Ginauer Sattel, after the forest gate on a steep uphill trail to the summit (No. 453) or to the Heinrich Kiener-Haus (refreshment point). If you prefer to avoid the steep climb, hike from the Ginauer Sattel via the forestry road (30 min) and right on path No. 453a and 451 (St. Johanner-Weg) to the Heinrich-Kiener-Haus (refreshment point) and then to the summit.


Variant: By car 4 km on the main road towards St. Johann i. Pongau, then right on the Floitensberg supply lane, past the Windberg farmstead to the forest gate, parking. From there, about 2 ½ hours to reach the top of the Hochgründeck.


Sonntagskogel, 1,849 m, path No. 713 · 1 hour

Hike from the mountain station down to the Hachaualm (refreshment point), and on trail No. 713 to the Sonntagskogel. After descending from the summit, combine with a hike to the Auhofalm.

Auhofalm – Maurachalm, path No. 713 and 712 · 1 hour

Hike from the mountain station down to the Hachaualm (refreshment point) and left on trail No. 713 to the Auhofalm (unstaffed). Via the Auhofalmsattel to the Maurachalm (refreshment point). Return via the Strassalmsattel – Grossunterbergalm or Sonntagskogel.

Via the Auhofalm to the Gabel (Kitzstein), 2,037 m, path No. 713 · 2 ½ hours

Hike from the mountain station up to the Hachaualm (refreshment point) and on trail No. 713 to the Sonntagskogel trail crossing, then left on trail No. 712 to the Auhofalm (unstaffed). Via trail No. 712 steeply uphill to the summit. Surefootedness and head for heights are a must. Glorious views from the summit.

Griessenkareck, 1,991 m · 1 hour

from the mountain station straight to the summit. Return the same way or via the Wagrainer Haus (No. 714a) back to the mountain station.

Bettlersteig (path No. 714a) · 2 ½ hours

Hike down to the Wagrainer Haus, then up along the ridgeline (trail No. 714), branch right, taking the “Bettlersteig” (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf and Ahornkarsattel, then left and along trail No. 714 up the Saukarkopf, continuing to the Saukarfunktel (2,028 m) and back to your starting point.

Griessenkareck – down via the Saukarriedel to the Jandlalm · 1 ½ hours

From the mountain station straight to the top of the Griessenkareck. Hike down via the Saukarriedel to path No. 45 and to the Griessenkaralmen (Jandlalm).

Via Gabel (Kitzstein), 2,037 m, to the Kleinarler Hütte, No. 713 and 712 · 3 hours

Hike down from the mountain lift station to the Hachaualm, then via Alpine Association trail No. 713 to the trail crossing at the Sonntagskogel, making a left on trail No. 712 to the Auhofalm (not staffed). Continue on trail No. 712, now steeply uphill to the summit. Hikers must be surefooted and have a head for heights. Magnificent views from the summit. Just below the summit, hike down the mountainside (secured with a steel cable), then across alpine pastures to the Kleinarler Hütte, before dropping back down to Kleinarl.

Via the Wandneralm to the Kleinarler Hütte · 4 hours

From the mountain station via trails No. 713 and 712 to the Auhofalm (not staffed), then down to the Maurachalm (refreshment point), continuing left to the Muggenfeldalm (trail No. 42) and along a country lane to the Wandneralm. Cross over to the Kascheggalm and along trail No. 712 bringing you to the Kleinarler Hütte (refreshment point).

Kitzsteinalm · 3 hours

From the mountain station on trails No. 713 and 712 to the Auhofalm, then downhill along a forestry road to the intersection with the Sauwaldstraße (No. 72). Continue right to the next crossing, then right, climbing through a series of switchbacks to the Kitzsteinalm (refreshment point). Drop back down to Kleinarl.

Griessenkareck – Schüttalm – Kleinarl, Trail No. 714 · 3 hours

From the mountain lift station, hike up the Griessenkareck, on trail No. 714 (Kleinarl Höhenweg) along the ridgeline to the Saukarfunktel, descending to the Ahornkarsattel, around the Ahornkarkopf and drop down to the Schüttalmsattel, and from there down to Gasthof Schüttalm (refreshment opportunity), then back downhill to Kleinarl.

Alpine Hike: Griessenkareck – Weissenhofalm – Steinkaralm, No. 714, 5 hours to Kleinarl

From the mountain station, hike up the Griessenkareck (elev. 1,991 m), along the ridgeline (No. 714) or via the Bettlersteig (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf, and via Wildbühel and Weissenhofalm (refreshment point) to the Steinkaralm (refreshment point). Hike back down to Kleinarl.

Alpine Trail: Griessenkareck – Frauenalm – Jandlalm, No. 714 and 41 · 4 ½ hours

From the mountain station, hike up the Griessenkareck (elev. 1,991 m) and along the ridgeline to the Ahornkarkopf (1,923 m), dropping down to the Frauenalm (Flachau) and on path No. 45 to the Griessenkaralmen. From the Jandlalm, hike back up to your original starting point.

Wagrainer Haus – Schüttalm – Bauerstüberl – Wagrain, path No. 714a · 4 hours

Via the Wagrainer Haus and Bettlersteig (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf and Gasthof Schüttalm. From here on path No. 76 to forestry road No. 71, continuing on path No. 67 down to the Bauernstüberl, then via the hiking path to Kleinarl (No. 1) and back to Wagrain.

4-star holiday in the heart of wagrain


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