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Colorful Summer Holidays in Wagrain

Cycling, mountain biking, tennis & adventure for every taste

The summer holiday season in Wagrain in Salzburger Land is an active time, promising all kinds of fun and action for families, couples as well as singles. The fascinating countryside surrounding our hotel invites you to set out on bicycle tours, mountain-bike expeditions, go running or Nordic walking, or play a few sets of tennis. If you are in the mood for something even more exciting, you can conquer the mountain at Bike Park Wagrain, or enjoy action sports in the air, on land or in the water. Spend a carefree summer vacation at our 4-star Hotel Wagrainerhof and relax in the fresh mountain air. Experience our sincere brand of Salzburg-style hospitality and, together with your whole family,  discover whole new sources of energy.

Cycling & Mountain Biking & E-Bike, Bike-Park Wagrain

Cycle towards the sun, here in beautiful Wagrain – whether out on the network of well-maintained bike paths and MTB trails, or perhaps at the legendary Mountain Bike Park Wagrain. That said, Wagrain isn’t just a hit with power bikers: Families love the laid-back bike tours through the beautiful Salzburger Land countryside. For those of you in search of a new challenge, the Mountain Bike Park in Wagrain, with its tricky downhill- and biker-cross courses, is an absolute must.

  • Variety-packed, clearly marked bike trails and cycle paths
  • Enns Bike Path – ideal for family outings
  • Mountain Bike Park Wagrain incl. downhill- and cross courses
  • Summer lifts, also offering bike transport
  • Bike- & Guiding Center with rental bikes & gear, and sampler lessons
  • Secure bike storage at the Wagrainerhof
E- Bike
Modell Giant Dirt- E 2017
1 day
09 a.m. - 17 p.m.
1/2 day
4 hours
E-Bike hire with Wagrain- Kleinarl guest card25,--20,--
Optional e-bike insurance9,--5,--

Nazbauer – “Flying Mozart” mid-station – Start: Wagrain

Take the road in the direction of Moadörfl as far as the “Rote 8er” gondola lift in Wagrain. After ca. 800 m, make a right towards the Edelweissalm – past the Edelweissalm to the lift station – turn right on the road, following signs for the Nazbauer – branch off to the right to the Berghof – now downhill through a series of hairpin bends – at the crossroads after the school, right in the direction of Wagrain, Markt.

  • Distance: 11.3 km
  • Lowest/highest points: 838 m/1,295 m
  • Total gains: 468 vertical meters (vm)

Grafenberg – Start: Wagrain

Follow the road to Kleinarl – at km 4.2, turn right, cross a bridge to the Sauwaldweg – steadily uphill – make a right at the crossing located at km 6.1 – keep straight at the next fork – and at the fork at km 9.1, make a right – 200 m later, between the lift station and Haus, head downhill on a grass path, and at Haus (Langegger) continue downhill via a paved path – past GH Sonnalm – left at the next fork, after which you immediately ride through a farm – at the main road, make a left in the direction of Wagrain.


  • Distance: 16.3 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 838 m/1,440 m
  • Total Gains: 602 vm

Hochgründeck – Start: Wagrain

At the crossroads in Wagrain, continue on the road towards St. Johann. After ca. 3 km, make a right, taking you steeply uphill to GW Floitensberg- continue straight at the next fork – at the crossing located at km 11.4, make a left towards the Heinrich-Kiener-Haus – steeply uphill, making a right at the next crossing – at km 13.4, make a left at the crossing, then another uphill to the left 400 m later – after a few hundred meters you will reach the Heinrich-Kiener-Haus – return the same way – after ca. 3 km, turn left towards the Ginausattel – now right, and another right at the next crossing – now on a narrow footpath through the forest to Lackenkapelle chapel – follow the forestry lane to the Öbristkopf – at km 23.6, branch left – continuing downhill to the main road – make a right and return to Wagrain.


  • Distance: 28.7 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 750 m/1,792 m
  • Total Gains: 1,126 vm

Baierwald – Start: Wagrain

Follow the road in the direction of Kleinarl – at the first intersection after ca. 400 m, turn left towards Kirchboden – uphill now, and after ca. 400 m make a right at the crossing – past the car park – follow the road downhill through hairpin bends to the Berghof/Nazbauer – now uphill to the right to the Baierwaldweg (Route 17) – cross the stream – keep following the path – at the fork, downhill to the right in the direction of Kleinarl/Brandstatt – at the main road, turn right in the direction of Wagrain.


  • Total Distance: 22 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 850 m/1,425 m
  • Total Gains: 627 vm

Alpendorf Tour – Start: Wagrain

Follow the road in the direction of St. Johann – ca. 100 m after the cathedral, turn left – across the main square – and then continue downhill – at the next intersection, turn left towards Alpendorf – follow the road – after ca. 500 m, make a left at the crossroads towards Grossarl/Hüttschlag – after ca. 2.2 km, turn uphill to the left in the direction of Alpendorf – continue uphill to the Sternhof – from this point, a gravel road – past the Kreistenalm – then right – keep straight at the next two forks – downhill – at the start of the next climb, turn right towards the freight lift – at km 12.2, keep straight, uphill – make a left at the next fork, followed by 3 rights – at km 15.4, downhill to the left – at the fork after 1.2 km, make an uphill to the right leading to the road – in the hairpin bend, downhill to the left (if you head uphill to the right, you will continue on Route 13 to the Sonnalm) – now downhill through hairpin bends to the main road – continue left back to Wagrain.


  • Distance: 30.8 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 570 m/1,360 m
  • Total Gains: 946 vm

Frauenalm – Start: Wagrain “Rote 8er” Lift

Follow the forestry road – past the lift station in the direction of the Nazbauer – past the Nazbauer on Route 17 (Baierwald) – ca. 5 km after the Nazbauer, make a left – now uphill past Gasthof Schüttalm to the big cattle grid on the ridge line – ride on the road downhill to Flachauwinkel – at the main road, make a left in the direction of Flachau – ride through Flachau – at the first roundabout, take the third exit towards Wagrain – at the second roundabout, take the second exit towards Wagrain – keep following the road – the “Rote 8er” lift in Wagrain is on the left-hand side of the road after ca. 6 km.


  • Distance: 33.2 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 880 m/1,852 m
  • Total Gains: 1,017 vm

Griessenkar – Start: “Rote 8er” lift in Wagrain

Follow the forestry road – past the lift station in the direction of the Nazbauer – branch left after ca. 1 km – follow signs for the “Wagrainer Haus” (Route 12) – uphill to the Kogelalm – now take the path downhill to the Jandlalm – past the Jandlalm to the main road (ca. 7 km) – turn left onto the main road – at the first roundabout take the third exit towards Wagrain – at the second roundabout, take the second exit towards Wagrain – follow the road – the “Rote 8er” lift in Wagrain is located on the left side of the road after ca. 6 km.


  • Distance: 24.3 km
  • Lowest/Highest Point: 880 m/1,760 m
  • Total Gains: 900 vm

Tennis, Nordic Walking & Running

Whether you are a rookie or experienced player, you won’t have to miss out on any tennis fun during your summer holidays. The running and Nordic-walking trails in the region lead past lakes, up hills, through forests and across fields. And after a full day of outdoor exercise, unwind in our wellness area or even indulge yourself with a massage.

  • 4 tennis courts at Wagrain Tennis Club (court rental/hour: € 15)
  • Tennis lessons (coach plus court rental/hour: € 35)
  • Wide variety of Nordic-walking & running trails – from laid-back to challenging, incl. the Moadörfl Runde (5.7 km), Jägersee (12 km)
  • Maps featuring trails available at the Wagrainerhof reception

Pure love for life.

Climbing & Action sports

Reach for the skies! What could be more wonderful than, after a challenging alpine expedition, finally being able to step out onto the summit. With such a wide variety of mountaineering opportunities awaiting you in Wagrain, you are certain to fulfill all of your summiteering ambitions. In fact, for all of you in the mood for action combined with fun during your summer holidays, Salzburger Land has so much to offer: The colorful opportunities range from steep rock faces and all forms of thrilling aerial adventures, to wild waters and exhilarating downhill action. The Wagrain sporting region guarantees no shortage of spine-tingling excitement.

  • Indoor climbing center in Wagrain, equipment available to rent out on site
  • Forest high-ropes course & Flying Fox zipline in Wagrain
  • Via ferratas in the region: Gletschergoas, Kupfergeist & Franzl, Bella Cascinaia, Kitz, Königsjodler & Grandlspitz, Drachenwand & Donnerkogel
  • Practice climbing areas, for example in Schwarzach, Flachau & Zauchensee
  • Action sports in the region: canyoning, rafting, zorbing, mountain carting, jet boating, tandem paragliding, quadding, Segway, kayaking and more.
4-star holiday in the heart of wagrain


Our motto is: Every guest should feel like they are the most important person at our hotel. Our holiday packages bring you one step closer to that special feeling.

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